Friday, May 2, 2008

Break them chains

I know, I know, they may be comfortable, but men, you have to cease this obsession with light denim carpenter pants and flip flops. It is far less prevalent now than it was my freshman year but for those who still wear 'em, we are the greater Los Angeles area in the year 2008 not at a Dave Matthews Band concert in Denver '98. That is ten years out of date by the way. Besides, it is just silly to pay more for a pair of rainbows than for a pair of jeans, so here is some practical advice. Put forth a little more moolah towards a decent pair of denims. You don't have to go crazy, but a little more money can go a long way. Go for a straight or slim fit, no questions. Slim fit is not always for every person or comfort level but a straight fit is. The jeans pictured are a straight fit from Diesel, a sturdy (and pricey) brand of denim. There are, of course, cheap alternatives like Urban Outfitters for example. Check out their BDG jeans, they are not well made by any means, but they are generally no more than $50 and come in an array of colors and fits. Speaking of colors...blacks and greys are current, but if you really want to pop, try on an off white or raw (never yet washed) dark denim.

Moving along. Let's set the record straight on those gnarly feet. Rainbows are played out. But they mold to your feet...but they are comfortable once you break them in...but my mom got them for me. Stop. I do not want to hear the excuses anymore, they are done. Right now shoes are either extremely paired down or really hyped up. 
Check out Gram Designs for some good tips on sneaker design (pictured).  For more comfortable yet sick tight sneakers check out alife available at BLENDS, Barney's, and Mauve Online; Vans classic slips, chukka boots, or lace-ups; and Chengs Plimsol shoes, just one of the many good choices that Urban Outfitters provides for men's shoes. If you want something a little nicer, its all about the oxford shoe. Check out ALDO for some of their modern takes on this classic.
Do not be alarmed by my sarcasm, I am just here to help. That is, after all, the purpose of this blog. Booyahkasha.


the CoR said...

I hate this blog so much. Haha. Kent, you can pull off these crazy things because you're Kent. But these fashions should not be attempted by anyone else on VU's campus. Besides, these are the trends that you look back at your yearbook and question what the hell you were doing. ;o) On another note, I love all the creators of this blog.

Kent said...

If you are ever able to look back and feel embarrassed about something that you once wore that means that you looked good back in the day! This blog attempts to make people more conscious about their appearance, we're just providing the general rules that the gods have shown to us.

Lauren Ashley said...

I agree with Kent. This is not a dictate of fashion. It is merely a suggestion for those who year after year and season after season do the same, boring, wallflower fashion. Bust a move! Wear something different! just don't disappear.