Monday, December 22, 2008

That was the Worst Christmas Ever!

Don't ask any questions, just wear it with a skinny pair of pants scrunched a little right above the boot.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

So, the other day I had nothing to do so I decided to watch some old movie that put me in a nostalgic mood. I chose Sixteen Candles. I noticed just how fashionable Jake Ryan was made to be in that movie. I mean, c'mon, the lace up brown boots, the cropped, dark jeans that cuffed just in the right spot. They knew what was up when they were dressing that character. Anyways, I did a google image search to see pics of that outfit but found this post entitled everyone should dress like Jake Ryan...

[Yesterday I wore dark jeans with a cuff, an argyle sweater and brown boots. I felt just like Jake Ryan.
-V. Thread]

I could not agree more!

Friday, May 30, 2008


please roll your sleeves up (the short ones too)!

This has been long in the tooth, but here are a couple of photos of how to wear your sleeves this summer.

A simple casual button down from diesel.

An amazing linen polo from Adam Lippes. Check this guy out, he's good.

From the sartorialist. His pictures are pretty much amazing.

So, it's simple roll em up! There are plenty of military style shirts that come with tabs and buttons so that the rolling is done for you, but if not, it's okay to go the way of the greaser.

Friday, May 2, 2008

From head to toe

Graduation is a big time in your life. You are making big decisions, and experiencing big changes. To make this new parth of yours a little less bumpy I have some suggestions for your big day.

Be cautious of the white shoe. As cute as it might look with the outfit underneath that glorious black robe of yours, when you are walking across that stage it is going to look not-as-fabulous as you once envisioned.

now that we have gotten that cleared up, here are some pedi-do's.

The Gladiator shoe. thank you Givenchy.

and if you are in an especially saucy mood...

so go crazy ladies!

Break them chains

I know, I know, they may be comfortable, but men, you have to cease this obsession with light denim carpenter pants and flip flops. It is far less prevalent now than it was my freshman year but for those who still wear 'em, we are the greater Los Angeles area in the year 2008 not at a Dave Matthews Band concert in Denver '98. That is ten years out of date by the way. Besides, it is just silly to pay more for a pair of rainbows than for a pair of jeans, so here is some practical advice. Put forth a little more moolah towards a decent pair of denims. You don't have to go crazy, but a little more money can go a long way. Go for a straight or slim fit, no questions. Slim fit is not always for every person or comfort level but a straight fit is. The jeans pictured are a straight fit from Diesel, a sturdy (and pricey) brand of denim. There are, of course, cheap alternatives like Urban Outfitters for example. Check out their BDG jeans, they are not well made by any means, but they are generally no more than $50 and come in an array of colors and fits. Speaking of colors...blacks and greys are current, but if you really want to pop, try on an off white or raw (never yet washed) dark denim.

Moving along. Let's set the record straight on those gnarly feet. Rainbows are played out. But they mold to your feet...but they are comfortable once you break them in...but my mom got them for me. Stop. I do not want to hear the excuses anymore, they are done. Right now shoes are either extremely paired down or really hyped up. 
Check out Gram Designs for some good tips on sneaker design (pictured).  For more comfortable yet sick tight sneakers check out alife available at BLENDS, Barney's, and Mauve Online; Vans classic slips, chukka boots, or lace-ups; and Chengs Plimsol shoes, just one of the many good choices that Urban Outfitters provides for men's shoes. If you want something a little nicer, its all about the oxford shoe. Check out ALDO for some of their modern takes on this classic.
Do not be alarmed by my sarcasm, I am just here to help. That is, after all, the purpose of this blog. Booyahkasha.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Summer Time Boys

Because of the fabulous temperatures that we are afforded here in Costa Mesa pretty much all year long, I have a suggestion to the men on campus.
Now I am not talking about "shants" that graze somewhere between the bottom of the kneecap and the ankle. I am talking about honest to goodness shorts.
They don't have to be like the ones on the right. Those are too short.  We don't want to see the whole package.
But take a look at the gentlemen on the far left and you will get an idea of what I am referring to.


This is the first, hopefully of many, posts created to aid Vanguard students in their personal style. This blog will be full of advice ranging from the do's and don'ts in fashion, highlights of style mavens, blurbs on cultural phenoms, and more. If there are any suggestions, shoot!
For the first blog I would like to highlight two lovely ladies who have hit (at least) one trend on the head: the 90's oversized glasses. Even I admit that wearing fake glasses is stupid, but that is coming from the owner of his very own prescription frames. However, fashion is fashion, and for some reason these are it. 

Thank you Kristin and Tiffany for doing what you do.